Lingerie FAQ’S & Tips

Q. What are some general tips on washing lingerie?

A. Sort articles by color, washing whites, darks and medium colors separately. Lighter garments can pick up dyes from darker colors.

Separate man-made fibers (e.g. polyester) from natural fibers (e.g. cotton). Man-made fibers can attract the oils that are released from natural fibers during washing. These oils build up over time and make the spots on the man-made fibers more obvious.

Try to have both large and small items in each washer load. This will let the items move more freely during the washing cycles.

Sort delicate fabrics from tougher fabrics like denim and terry cloth. This will lessen the friction of fabrics against each other.

Lint-generating fabrics (e.g. fleece, towels) should be washed separately from lingerie. The lint clings to the lingerie fabrics.

Don't overload the washer. If the washer is too full, the clothes won't get enough agitation to get clean, and the laundry soap may not spread evenly though the load thus leaving globs of detergent on certain items.

Q. What are some general tips on drying lingerie?

A. When possible, only line-dry lingerie. This will increase its life considerably.

If you do put lingerie items into the dryer, first lightly shake out the items, or untwist them before placing them in the dryer. This will allow even drying and reduce wrinkling.

Don't overload the dryer. A stuffed dryer will not allow the items to tumble. Drying will be slower and clothes will wrinkle.

All clothing should be left in the dryer just long enough to remove wrinkles and moisture. Any longer, and the heat can actually set wrinkles, increase static cling and cause shrinkage. This can be true for natural and man-made fibers.

Acrylic, nylon, polyester, and microfibers have low moisture absorbency so are fast drying and should be dried using a low temperature setting.


Storage of Lingerie

Now, your fine lingerie is clean, dry, and ready to be put away! 
Here are few simple tips that will ensure you complete the good care you have started.

1. Always store your intimate apparel in a drawer, or on a shelf. Never hang it in the closet, even if it is a corset, bodystocking, or other large item. The reason for this is that the weight of the garment itself will cause the stretch fabric to lose elasticity, and quicker than you might think. In a way, being on the hanger is a bit like it is "being worn", 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Most lingerie material is supposed to stretch, to contour to your body or shape in some way. By hanging, that material is being constantly pre-stretched, and when you put it on it will not hold you as it did before. 
2. Fold the items in the way that seems most sensible for each, then put in the drawer or on the shelf without cramming more items into the space than it should hold. This step will reduce wrinkles, and help prevent snags, etc. Do not put hard or snaggy objects in the same drawer or on the same shelf (such as jewelry, watches, etc.). 
3. Don’t keep your lingerie along with other cloths like jeans, belts, etc as they might have hooks or other thing that may rip the material of your precious lingerie. Always keep them in a separate drawer. 
4. Storing your lingerie in a drawer along with perfumed sachet will give them a pleasant fragrance and make you feel good while wearing them.
5.Storing your lingerie and delicates safely also means protecting them from the sun (you don't want those lovely colors to fade)
6.Underwire bras can be safely folded in the middle. Molded cup bras can be folded with one cup tucked inside the other. 
7.Roll your corsets, merrywidows, and bustiers lengthwise so as not to bend the boning, and lay them flat in a drawer.

For those moments when your lingerie is vital to some weekend get-away, take extra care packing so that your cosmetics and toiletries don't leak onto your bras and panties and damage the colors. Pack bras and panties just as you would if placing them in your dresser: fold them and keep them away from anything that might snag them.
For the extra-sexy items, lay your corsets, merrywidows, and bustiers flat so as not to damage the boning, and cushion the ends of the boning with other clothing.

By following the above care of lingerie guidelines, you will give the very best care to the fine things that are adding beauty and fun to your life!